LBJ signs Civil Rights Act

The Civil Rights Act of 1964

One of the most far-reaching acts of legislation supporting racial equality in American history

Watergate guard log

Watergate: 50th anniversary

June 17, 1972: A burglary at the Democratic National Committee Headquarters

PBS NewsHour

Examining the crisis in America’s democracy

Miller Center scholar Sidney Milkis is featured on PBS NewsHour on the dangers of political polarization

Illumination Spring 2022

Hot off the presses: Illumination

The latest edition of Illumination, the Miller Center's biannual magazine, is now available


Presidential resources for teachers

The Miller Center features materials that help teachers bring history alive for their students


Critical insights for the nation's governance

The Miller Center is a nonpartisan affiliate of the University of Virginia that specializes in presidential scholarship, public policy, and political history, providing critical insights for the nation's governance challenges.